Interview with Themba Robin – Laughter is the BEST Medicine!

Themba Robin

Love My Bay recently had the honour to chat to Themba Robin – a South African Voice Artist, Actor, MC and Content Creator from our beloved Nelson Mandela Bay. Themba is now residing in Johannesburg. 

Themba Robin has appeared in two Netflix Shows, a number of popular TV commercials and his voice can be heard on TV and Radio spots countrywide including Algoa FM. 

Themba Robin – Laughter is the best Medicine

During these really uncertain times there is so much truth in the rather cliché saying “Laughter is the best Medicine”. 

Themba is keeping us all in stitches at the moment – over his social media platforms with a steady stream of truly hilarious comical skits. Love My Bay is super proud to have had the opportunity to interview Themba Robin – such an inspirational guy, who makes life just a little easier by adding loads of laughter.

LMB: “Who is Themba Robin Behrens?”

TR: “I’m just a guy who wants to make the world smile a little more through these increasingly crazy times.”

LMB:  “Originally from The Bay, what do you miss most about Nelson Mandela Bay?”

TR: “The community, growing up in Port Elizabeth – everyone pretty much knows everyone. There is always a neighbour to offer a helping hand nearby and small business supporting another small business.”

LMB: “You are a content creator and all round rather comical guy, does this come naturally or is it something you need to work at?”

TR: “I think it’s natural, I get it from my Dad, I think he gave my brothers and I an odd sense of humour.  But there is a substantial “work” element to it , I think most people are actually quite funny in their own way, it all comes down to how you deliver it. We also live in a time where you have to be super careful about what you say or do and comedy is under the microscope so you have to be clever and that’s also a fair amount of work.”

LMB: “What fuels your day?”

TR: “Bar One! Haha no just kidding, I read a quote about people not wanting to study or get a degree because they’re to old, scared that they’d be 30 or 40 when they graduate, the fact of the matter is you are going to eventually be 30 or 40 regardless, why not have a degree to show for it. I adopt this to everyday life, God willing tomorrow will happen, I can either battle through the day or I can try and make the most of it, either way tomorrow will happen.”

LMB: “When times get tough, what keeps you going?”

TR: “The unknown, so many times and probably most noticeably for me in the last 5 years the strangest opportunities have presented themselves every time I’ve felt like giving up, soon after pushing that little bit further something comes up that boosts me a little. As you stand now you have no idea what job opportunity, life changing, or awesome event could happen to you today, be where you need to be is doing what you need to do and the doors will open…mostly when you least expect it.”

LMB: “We see you recently became a dad, how has your life changed?”

TR: “Zzzzz, sorry what was the question again? Parenthood is amazing, it is challenging and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It will make you realise true prioritising, routine and patience. I think our little one is teaching me all the lessons I needed to learn. I’m also extremely wise lately, my wife doesn’t think so but my Dad brain knows, we are smart now.”

LMB: “To anyone wanting to get into the industry, what advice can you give them?”

TR: “Just start, go offer to be an MC at a charity event (corporates will notice you) start writing down jokes as they come to you. Create content and put it out into the world and work on getting better at whatever it is you are doing. Reach out to established guys within the industry, look and ask for tips and network hard. Some guys will tell you to sod off but if just one guy connects you to the right person it’s a game changer. I had a podcast chat with The Bearded Gin Guy and we discussed how people waste time planning and never get to starting. I’m not saying sell everything and live in a caravan either haha. Just if you have an unallocated 30 mins, do something towards your goal.”

LMB: “Where do you draw inspiration from for your comical skits?”

TR: “South Africa no doubt, haha we go through the unthinkable every day of our lives living in this country. I try to laugh about the tough stuff, because comedy and tragedy share a very fine line. By acknowledging our vulnerabilities and hardships as a group it somewhat lightens the load and allows us to have a chuckle. Like at school, detention alone was tragic, detention with a class mate in for a similar crime makes for an afternoon of stifled laughter.” 

LMB: “If you had a choice to be anything in this world, what would you be?”

TR: “Ooooh that is a good question, I don’t know, I believe I’m following my dream but maybe to be a Voice Actor in a a huge film like James Earl Jones in Lion King or something like that.”

Themba, from Love My Bay, we would just like to thank you for taking the time to chat to us – and for all the belly aches, the good ones, the laughter kind – you are a true gem! We really appreciate spending this time with you. Keep on keeping on. We see you. We appreciate you and we are so excited for what is to come in the near future.

Find out more about Themba online at or follow him on Facebook for your daily fix of laughter!

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